January 2010

behance outfitter

I first saw this stationery line at Blackbird in Seattle (awesome store BTW) a few months ago. I was immediately drawn to the simple clean graphics and the colors are just perfect. More info and products here.
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lovely lines and dots

Efterklang – Polygyne from Rumraket on Vimeo.
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sort of coal

Been seeing a lot of charcoal/coal lately. Completely fascinated by it. A natural purifier. In this case, it’s a natural water purifier- Check out more info and their other coal products here. It’s also available via DWR.They also have it in the form of toothpaste! The idea of black toothpaste is a little scary, but kinda cool at the same time! Also Origins uses it as a cleanser as well. Have any of you u
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TGIF video break: Je suis une Dolly

Current Guilty Pleasure song… Si Si, Oui Oui, Mais Oui
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blue thursday: Anything Design

(sigh)- I’ve loved the entire stationary collection from Anything Design, but I love it even MORE now that they are releasing it in the color for 2010, turquoise! (swoon… yes please.)
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