Egle Amaldi’s living room

So much to love about this room!! The caption reads: “A colourful living-room decorated both simply and spontaneously. The hand-designed tapestries, cushions and curtains are all by the designer himself. Architect Egle Amaldi.” (much more after the jump…)
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saturday night video break: sister winter

It’s raining here in So Cal (again) but it’s a mellow night so it feels kinda nice… hope you’re all enjoying your holiday so far! BTW, you can download this track for free here (with signup).
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modern ornament adventure 2010: final details

After the tree was done, I decided to keep the theme going and put together something for the dining table…
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modern ornament adventure 2010 pt. 4

Woo hoo! It’s Christmas time! So here’s how my tree turned out this year. A fun little mix of new paper geometric shapes, combined with last year’s gray faceted sculptures, and the vintage-y gold starbursts and white spray painted ornaments that I’ve been using for the past few years… all pulled together with a quirky color palette of tones of oranges, mustard, muted pinks, and a shot of
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