2009 ornament adventure pt. 2

And so, after finding inspiration (see previous post), I started out trying to make something with these sticks. The stick gluing was interesting. I just started out by cutting little notches at the ends of the sticks to do makeshift mitered corners. Then add a little super glue, press and hold and after a few seconds, slowly release. I wasn’t necessarily looking to do perfect angles, just random ones. And I just kept joining points together until it looked like an interesting shape. Note: be prepared to get little bits of super glue on your hands and make sure you’re place scrap paper underneath. I used an old magazine. Again, you could probably use a glue gun. I just opted for super glue. Anyway- they look like little neato scupltures. I definitely think I will be painting them.So you know how sometimes you do one thing, thinking it won’t be that big a deal and affect anything, and then midway through, you realize it actually changes everything? Alas, that is happening again to me with these ornaments. My original idea was to simply try something new, and add them to the existing tree look I’ve had. I really have enjoyed my tree the past two years, but just felt like trying something new. Well, now that I have a few of the new ornaments made (see last post for my inspriation)- I’m starting to feel like, if I go with these, everything else needs to change with it. Oy. Now I’ve gone and done it! I’m not sure where this is going, but stay tuned…

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