TGIF video break: I’m not your toy

Whoa- suddenly its friday! sorry for the lack of posts this week- yikes- I’ve been buried with work and next thing you know, it’s Friday! So here’s a little electro-pop to kick the weekend off. I’ve been listening to a lot of La Roux lately and this recent video for her single “I’m not your toy” I find quite entertaining. I love all the weird juxtapositions in it- 70’s wicker chair, inside English-esque greenhouse, set in a pool party, futuristic blips, minimal/modern tribal fashion, kooky characters and awkward dancing- oh and penguins. I guess it’s not really a party without penguins…

More about La Roux, here. Also, if you’re looking to get your dance on, their song Bulletproof always does the trick for me-

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