Tossed and Found- Linda and John Meyers

Got my copy of the new book from the team behind Wary Meyers, Linda and John Meyers. I’m such of fan of their clever and eclectic style, so I was very intrigued to see what this book was about. The book is called “Tossed and Found- Unconventional design from cast-offs” and basically is more of a DIY guide to some of the creations they’ve made using found or discarded objects from garage sales, etc… To be honest, I was kind of hoping for more documentation of the interiors they’ve done, but the book is a lot of fun nonetheless and really gives a glimpse into their creative process. I especially love the doodles and sketches they’ve included with each project.
Some of my favorite pieces they show are the sewer pipe lamp and the terrarium out of simple upside down jars. Something anyone could do!If you happen to have a bunch of random things in your garage or home and were thinking of throwing it out, take a second look. This book is a great reminder to imagine the possibilities of something “old” and making it “new again, and bringing something truly unique and personal to your decor. More here.

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