TGIF and new inside out

hello fellow HM-ers- apologies for the lack of posts the past few days. I’ve been busy with work and also coping with some recent dental work (which continues next week. ugh.) but anyway- woes aside, I’m so excited about the latest issue of Inside Out. The September/October 09 issue marks a big redesign and I have to say it’s fantastic. There’s so much goodness going on it’s crazy- The cover alone is so beautiful. Love the blue couch with the accents of green and wood and white. There was a house tour of the home that’s featured on the cover (Australian designer Shannon Fricke) over on AT:LA this week (here) In the meantime, if you’re by a newsstand- definitely look for this issue. Some of you, like me here in the US, will have to pay a bit extra for it since it’s an Australian import- but it’s definitely worth a look-see! Anyway- I’ll be back later this weekend to post one of the editorials in this issue that totally blew me away and is sooo inspiring.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already- make sure you enter the amazing giveaway that Allmodern is sponsoring here on HM! Which is your favorite? it could be yours very soon!!

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