June 2009

blue munday: graphkin by Colin O’dowd

spotted these in UK Elle Decoration- fun idea by Colin O’Dowd. Available for purchase here. (if anyone knows a place to get them in the US, let me know!)
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Who Is it

So, going off the usual happy mundane topics,- it was kinda crazy last week in the world of pop culture with both MJ and Farrah passing away- There’s obviously a gazillion tributes going on, but thanks to youtube, here’s a video that many of you might not have seen- it was rarely played, but I always loved it- Prior to Se7en, Fight Club, Benjamin Button, director David Fincher was synonymous with ultra gl
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HM Giveaway! Lisa Congdon and McSweeney

Yes! Yes! Yes! more free stuff! This time, as a thank you for being such loyal and fabulously happy mundane readers, I have for you some new goodies! Since it’s summer time, it’s all about postcards right? so- We have two sets of cards- one from one of my favorite fellow blog buddies, Lisa Congdon, we have a set of her Le Foret notecards. And the other is a box of 100 fun “Greetings from the OCean&#
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KROOOM stump at Target

I just posted this on I(k)W, but how awesome is this cardboard “stooobe” storage stump?! It’s printed cardboard! and you can put stuff inside. So. Awesome. I got it at Target, it was on the endcap, and immediately grabbed it. only about $15. I can’t find it on the Target yet, but looks like Krooom is from Australia and is now distributing in the US. I’ll have a full review over the weeke
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LG LGenius "happy time"

made me laugh. Want it for my TV too. (i’d take puppy please…)(via Cuteoverload)
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