Stan Bitters: Environmental Ceramics

While at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, one of the highlights were these large textural murals that are on each of the buildings. These awesome pieces were done by California artist, Stan Bitters. Modernism Magazine had a great feature on him awhile back (that I blogged on AT:LA), and recently, I came across his book, Environmental Ceramics.
The book documents the variety of pieces Stan created during the 60s and 70s, but what I really enjoyed are the photos of his creative process. There’s tons of “behind the scenes” and “work in progress” shots that showcase just how massive many of his pieces are, and how detailed the design work. Check out these incredible bird houses! He made lots of pieces that were integrated into fountains, pools, gardens, and interior and exterior walls. The book was originally published in the mid seventies, but it’s now been reprinted, and you can even get a signed copy of your own directly from his website here.
Check out more on his website.

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