wait… really?

I saw this fun quiz over at How about Orange– It’s from Sproost, and it’s “Find your decorating style.” Now I thought I knew myself pretty well, but after taking the quiz, I was surprised to find that instead of what I thought would be a majority in the vintage modern or contemporary catagory, turns out I’m “rustic revival” and even a little “cottage chic”? Which is interesting because I have to admit that I’ve been finding myself more attracted to rustic designs as of late- After you take the quiz, they give you some product suggestions that match your results- and they are right- I love them all.

Of course the Gemini in me thought that I should take the test again, just to see- and interestingly enough- the second time they showed different images than the first one and my results were more with what I had assumed would have been the first time. And again, I love their suggestions as well. The “cottage” part still throws me off a little- but I guess, maybe I just need to admit to myself and embrace my inner cozy cottage-y-ness- what does it all mean? I don’t know… (that I’m a schizo when it comes to design style?) Try it out here– would love to hear how your results match up to what you thought they’d be. (via How About Orange)

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