Style Editor: Vanessa Colyer Tay – Part 2

Last month I had the pleasure of asking Inside Out’s, Vanessa Colyer Tay a few questions about being a Style Editor. Check out her answers here. She was so kind to send over some of her favorite images and also included some fun commentary for each shot:

“Taking inspiration from the streets, don’t you just love the classic wingback form illustrated with edgy graph work, making something new out of something old, yet it’s timeless.
“The New York map on the wall is a floor mat, way too cool to walk on!”

“The Timorous Beasties Sheer, what can I say- if you have it flaunt it! Isn’t it amazing?”

“Black White and Bold is definitely a favourite palette.”

“I love solidity in front of pattern. The clover chair here pops out as a feature instead of keeping to the cliché of “white is boring.” “I’m a sucker for old fashioned toys and games, see the dominoes doubling as a coaster, adding a playful touch to the table, you like?”“The Australian patriot in me has a thing for the ocean on sundown and fresh breezy air, this really was a joy to shoot. There were kayakers rowing past with puppies in the front seat, then they would pass by on the return trip with groceries. What a lovely way to do the shopping!”“I did these Dwell Studio shots for their Australian market. If you haven’t felt this range up close, I suggest you do- absolutely divine! Doing this shoot made me want kids, there are soooo many great kids pieces out there. Mind you, I have used a few of the Dwell baby cushions for grown ups, you’re never too old.”

Thanks again Vanessa for sharing these! (photos by Sam McAdam, Tim Robinson, and Craig Wall. All images provided by Vanessa Colyer Tay)

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