weekend update

Today was a little nerve-racking. Pepé generally sleeps with me in the bed, but this morning, I randomly woke up early and immediately noticed he was not there. I went into my living room and he was in his little bed there- but I then noticed a nice little pile of vomit next to it. Nice. Then I noticed by his water bowl- another pile, and a small poopy. Needless to say, I completely freaked out. A little while later, he threw up again, but this time it was more of the yellow/white frothy bile-esque looking. Apologies for those reading this during their lunch break. Anyway, long story short, the poor guy was wiped out the whole day. Very lethargic. Didn’t want to do anything except sleep. I was really worried, but eventually, by the end of the day, he seemed to be feeling better. I don’t know what happened. He probably ate something he wasn’t supposed to. Kids, I tell ya. Here’s Pepe, being an un-happy camper:This weekend I’m going to be working on a little decorating project that is somewhat bittersweet. A dear aunt of mine passed away during the most recent holidays and consequently, my family has been sorting out the aftermath (settling finances, clearing out her condo, etc…) Now it’s come to the point where they’d like to sell her place. They asked me to help them with it because it’s in dire need of some upgrading before they can sell it. Basically I have to “stage” it- which I’ve never actually done before. It requires me to decorate in a more generic way, so as to make the place appeal to a broader market. I’m going to have to put aside a lot of my own personal style, but it will be fun to do something (I wouldn’t normally do. If any of you have experience with staging, any tips would be greatly appreciated!) Another challenge is that I have a very very limited budget and have to work with some existing pieces. But I’m excited to give it a go- I’ll post up some of the before shots and keep you posted on the progress.

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

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