the naked binder

I remember when I was in elementary school- the folders and binders you got were such a big deal- but now in the grown-up world, not so much- I remember throwing a fit when my mom wouldn’t get me a Trapper Keeper. (ok. totally just dated myself there.) Unfortunately, most of the binders you find today are vinyl, and pretty ugly. However, Ken over at The Naked Binder recently introduced me their line, and I must say, I’m in love. Their binders are strong, and eco-friendly- no more vinyl and no printing. They’re made of 100% recycled board, 97% PCW, and is 100% recyclable. I love that they also offer the “architect” binder- which will fit 11×17 paper- perfect for larger presentations, print outs- and could be great for documenting projects or to organize clippings. Check out more info and see their entire line here.

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