p.s. update part 1: The Riviera

So, what’s a guy to do when it’s cold and rainy in “sunny” Palm Springs? Zip up the jacket, and go drive around and check out what’s new in town of course! Since the last time I was in P.S. (back in November?) there have a been quite a few developments. First off is the newly re-opened Riviera hotel. The Riviera Resort and Spa has been around since 1959. It got a major renovation last year and now is ready for action. The style inside is very modern, with more of an emphasis on “Hollywood Glamour”. Overall, there’s just A LOT going on inside. I couldn’t really see a cohesive design aesthetic that tied everything together. If you looked at each area individually, they were very well done, and had some nice design moments. But put them all together it just started to look a little random. I normally try to keep things happy here, but honestly, it just felt like a bunch of current boutique hotel design trends all mashed into one. You had Kelly Wearstler Maison140/ Viceroy/Mondrian-esque in the front, but then it turns a little Hard Rock meets The Palms in the middle lobby area, and then a little W hotel-esque outside . In the main lobby entrance, it’s all red, black, white- but then outside is orange, chocolate brown, lime, and then when you go inside the rooms area, it’s kelly green?
I did particularly like how they painted the ceilings on the balcony an accent color, and I also loved these fun little rattan pod chairs.

I’m sure it’s a good hotel overall, but just speaking aesthetically, it was kinda all over the place. Looks like they cater best to large conventions, parties, or seminars. (There apparently was some sort of cheerleading competition/convention going on this past weekend- packs of teenage girls with their “hip moms” all trying to be “cool” in their matching tracksuits and carrying their pillows, everywhere. I was scared.) The grounds were pretty huge, and I peeked into one of the big convention halls and it looked fully equipped. Personally, not my first choice to stay- but the restaurant looked like it could be fun for drinks- Check out more info here. Have any of you stayed there yet? Would love to know how the rooms were.

Stay tuned to Part two…

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