needing a hook up

It’s been almost three months now that Pepé has become a fixture here. Obviously he has changed my life. One of the biggest big changes is that every morning, I have to wake up early and take the lil’ poopster… well…how do you say…. on his little poopy walks. Living in So Cal, I don’t normally have to wear a jacket often, but lately the mornings have been a bit chilly, so where do my jackets end up? on the chair, on the stair rail, on the couch… So it’s time I get me some sort of coat rack. Unfortunately my entry way is a little small, so I pretty much have to get something that will mount to the wall. I’m thinking to remove the artwork that is currently by the door, and use that location for a rack. Now comes the hard part- what kind of rack to get? There are lots of options, but nothing has stuck out at me. Part of me wants something fun and modern. Another part of me wants something very plain and non-descript, maybe almost rustic even?

So far, the top contenders are:
The “flip hook” from Umbra
this “Shaker” one
and this TJUSIG one from IKEA.
I’m not sure though… There’s a part of me that thinks there may be another solution out there… so, the search continues… stay tuned…

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