D.2.S. part 1

As I mentioned previously, I’m working on staging a condo (ie. “Designed To Sell“). It’s a really small one bedroom and is currently time warped circa 1985. It’s got good bones, but in it’s present state, not such a pretty sight. A few things have to stay- unfortunately part of it is the appliances, which happen to be a lovely shade of “almond.” The appliances themselves are actually still in excellent condition, but the cabinets are a weird shade of wood that isn’t dark or light enough to keep as is. The carpet definitely needs to be replaced. You can’t really tell from the pictures but there’s also popcorn ceiling that needs to be scraped off. Then there’s the small weird detached bathroom vanity sink that has this awful fluorescent fixture that blocks the medicine cabinet from opening all the way. I also have to keep the couch and the bed (though I’m nixing the headboard). I’m getting rid of all the other pieces. (anyone in OC want a wood desk, white dresser, or dining set?)So, those are our “before” shots. What would you guys do? I know first up is removing the popcorn ceiling and re-painting. Stay tuned…

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