Aero Garden 3

Yikes! It’s already January 7! Apologies for the lack of posting. Coming back to the work load that has been piling up over the break has left me buried. Anyway- One of the most interesting gifts I received this Christmas was the Aero Garden 3. I remember seeing the original size Aero Garden at the Chicago Home&Garden show a few years back, but this #3 version is a lot more compact and smaller. For those of you unaware, essentially the AeroGarden is an indoor “smart garden”- it’s this space age-y garden machine. Basically you put these “bio domed seed pod things that house the seeds, stick them into the machine. In the bottom, you put water and there’s a air bubble pump that “oxygenates” it- you also add a nutrient capsule in the water. There’s a grow light on top that stays on for 17 hours a day. And that’s basically it. Here’s a more detailed explanation. Anyway- I planted the “salad greens” pods, and within a day, it started to sprout. Over the next few days, it continued to grow. Now it’s almost two weeks, and here’s where they’re at:It’s quite fascinating to watch them grow so quickly. Not exactly a bountiful crop yet, but we’ll see what happens in another week or so. I’ve seen these also at Target, and they have a bunch of different types of plant seed kits to gro. More info here.

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