2008- where I was- 2009- where are you?

Happy New Year! How has your 2009 been treatin’ ya so far? Well, having kept up this blog now for over 2 years, it’s fun to see where I was at in January last year. Did you keep up any resolutions you had made? For me, 2008 was supposed to be about “upgrading”. Here’s a list of the things I had set out to do, and the results:

• upgrade the bathrooms- this was accomplished back over the summer in August. Seriously, it’s amazing how one just one thing can suddenly shift everything. By finally replacing the vinyl flooring with real tile- my whole perspective on my master bathroom changed and I went from light blue and pop-y fun, to drastically darker but (hopefully) more mature and… swanky…

• continue the parentals redo (guestroom or master bedroom)- Luckily my parents went on another couple weeks long vacation back in April, which led me to be able to do another room for them. It’s so much easier to do these when they’re gone (probably because they’ll have no say on my choices, hehe). Because I also had a ton of work going on, I opted for the smaller downstairs guest bedroom. It’s weird space, and I extremely limited in my options. However, again, changing up the paint color was the catalyst for everything.

• travel more- Work pretty much dictated this one, and in the beginning of the year, I found myself in the Seattle area several times for a client. But it wasn’t all work, there definitely was some fun in between. Palm Springs, NYC (work + play), Hawaii, and Vegas found a spot into my 2008 as well.

• get the garage “situation” handled- ok. technically, this didn’t fully happen in 2008. But it did happen during this last holiday vacation. So for me, my 2009 isn’t really going to start until Monday ok? hehe- But I did actually hunker down and get most of the horror in my garage organized. I still have a long way to go to my ultimate clean dream garage. But for now, I can finally see the floor and I can walk from my car to the door in a straight line without having it be an obstacle course. Also new shelving and a ton-o bins helped to tone down much of the visual chaos.

So overall- and for the first time- I actually kept up ALL my resolutions! Color me surprised and somewhat proud! woo hoo! Here are a few other highlights for me from 2008:

•Spray Paint bandits strike again.
•The Apartment Therapy book.
•Grey pumpkins.
•my modern wreath adventure(BTW, I created a flickr set to document this year’s holidays if you’re curious.)

•and of course, probably one of the best (and worst? haha j/k) things that happened to me this year, my new buddy, Pepé. And yes, I just had to create a profile for Pepé on Dogbook. I am now officially one of “those people.” (be his friend! add him!)

Speaking of Facebook, I just created a fan page. Be a fan! and if you haven’t already, join the HM Facebook blog network page here.

I’m still trying to figure out what my goals/resolutions are for this year. Last year they came pretty easy to me. This year, not so much. So give me a few days and I’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime, I’d love to know how your year went, and what you’re hoping for in 2009! Also, I haven’t done this in awhile, but I’d love to know where you’re reading Happy Mundane from- I’m in Irvine, CA- where are you?

Thank you again for supporting and checking out this little mundane blog.

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