meet Pepé

So… I adopted a dog yesterday. Meet Pepé.

This little guy was apparently found as a stray, adopted, then given back to the shelter because the people adopting him turned out to be alergic. Not sure what the history of the dog was before that. He’s a chihuahua, but he’s not a little tea cup one- he’s kinda big- about 12 pounds. They estimated him to be about 10 months old, so still kind of a puppy. so far so good. The shelter (i got him at the Irvine Animal Shelter) said he was already housetrained- so that was a plus for me. however, this morning, he… marked the bedroom as his own i guess. oh well- other than that little incident- he’s been fairly mellow. sleeps a lot. hasn’t barked yet- except during the initial meeting at the shelter- he kind of went beserk on a large dog- but didn’t seem to mind seeing a smaller dog…
Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed. This is the first time I’ve ever had a dog. I want him to be all socialized, trained, obedient, and all that good stuff- and everything I need to get and do is a bit daunting. I promise (fingers crossed) that I won’t turn this blog into a puppy photo blog- (although i can feel i’m already becoming one of “those” people! hehe)
but he sure is a lil cutie isn’t he?

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