It’s the gray pumpkin Charlie Brown!

So last year I was totally smitten with these gray pumpkins I saw in a store in Laguna. I had never seen gray pumpkins before and was fascinated by their beauty. Fast forward to this year and I knew that I must have one to cherish for my own. I stopped by Roger’s Gardens (there’s always something beautiful to see there) and lo and behold- the had a gray pumpkin bonanza! When I was a kid, my parents would take me to the pumpkin patch. (Halloween was a big deal to me) I totally had childhood flashbacks as I inspected each pumpkin looking for just the right size, shape, and finally picked one. I also snatched up a few little white mini pumpkins and one ochre colored little spooky looking gourd. I was thinking maybe I could create a little modern fall centerpiece for my dining table. here’s how it turned out…It will be a nice transition before I bust out the holiday decorations from last year… are any of you adding any fall decor into your home?

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