To Each his Home

I know we all love looking at modern home magazines and books. However, often times things can start to look the same, or at least- you start to notice the similar trends- the same pieces, etc… It’s all good and all, but it gets me extra excited when I come across rooms that are completely original and full with the owner’s point of view. There’s a new book out called “To Each His Home- Inspired Interiors as unique as their owners.” Written by Bilyana Dimitrova, it’s a refreshingly fun book that highlights eight homes that “unabashedly express the personalities of their free-spirited owners.” I always admire people that have no fear and make their home… theirs. I was most intrigued with the home of Lenny Weiner. It kind of reminds me of that house in Great Expectations, where everything was covered in cobwebs… except this place is full of life and greenery. But it’s almost like the houseplants have taken over! All the homes in this book are full of colors, stories and life. Some are kooky, some kinda creepy, (and some border on just plain scary!)- Even if everything isn’t to your taste, you can take inspiration in their creativity. The fact that these people have been able to transform four walls, surround themselves with things they love, and make it into their ideal vision of “home”, I think deserves kudos- (I’m available to be invited to the dinner party anytime!)

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