Target-o-rama Fall08 pt 2: fall style 08 catalog

Continuing with the Target-o-rama posts, over the weekend I got the new Fall Style 08 fashion/beauty/home catalog. Have you seen it? (I couldn’t find it online yet, but if anyone finds the link, please leave it in the comments!) This time they’ve combined their fashion/beauty with their home collection in one showing. I guess it makes sense to combine it all since really, they are very tied together. One thing that caught my eye was this wall treatment used in this photo. I know it was just for a set, but I’m thinking it could be fun inspiration if you have a boring blank wall and are looking for something to add some visual texture. It’s like a more updated approach to wood paneling. Maybe instead of the whole wall, just do half of one side. I like how the bold wall color pops through. Of course, i’m not sure where you’d find raw wood planks like that, but… still a fun idea. I could see maybe doing a light wash over them in a light grey?

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