dark and lovely

Just an update to the bathoom painting- The first brush strokes on the wall are always such a thrill. This was especially so this time because of the dramatically darker color I was going with. The only problem with painting a dark color is that everything shows up against any lighter surfaces. I only painted two of the walls in the bathroom, opting to keep the rest white. This meant that a lot of touch-up paint was required. It also required three coats to get it looking smooth. Anyway- the room is done. The color isn’t showing up exactly right in the photo but it’s a really deep dark blue-grey color. I went with “Silent Night” (D55-5) from Olympic Paints (from Lowes). Now that the walls are done. I feel like everything else has to change. The artwork, the towels, the bathmats… I’ll keep you posted on the progress…

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