cut out birds in books

Happy Friday! it’s 08.08.08! Do ya feel lucky? Hope everyone is having a good Friday. To start the weekend off, here’s a gorgeous image from the Sept/October 2008 issue of Inside Out. There are so many things that I love going on in this image. The cut out birds from books are amazing. I’m sure some book purists might find the notion of cutting out a shape from a book horrifying, (so if you’re one of them, you best skip to another post!) but I find them quite beautiful. These pieces were by Lizzie Buckmaster Dove, who has some incredible pieces using books and paper. Check some more out here and here. I also love the white silkscreened books on the cardboard boxes at the bottom. In the credits, it says the boxes are the stylist’s (Vanessa Colyer Tay) own. If you’re like me, I have a row of boxes at the top of one of my shelves in my library, and this could be nice inspiration to dress them up. Too bad they aren’t for sale, as I’d snatch a few up right now! (photo by Sam McAdam)

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