bathroom ch-ch-changes: pt 3

More progress! I have one of these type of hotel towel rack things in my master bath (except mine has a glass shelf on top instead of just bars). Before the recent paint job, I had this sort of look going on above it. Bright, light, pop-y, fun… good times… But now that I’m changing things up, I’ve been looking for a new piece of art to set the tone. I think I may have found it. I actually was planning on using this vintage piece I got at one of my local thrift stores in my bedroom, but haven’t found a good spot for it. I do now! Put it in the bathroom! It’s carved wood set on top of a sort of burlap-y/fine wicker ground. I haven’t mounted it yet, so I’m just setting it up there for a few days to see how it feels… So far so good… It definitely flows with the bedroom better… kinda swanky, no?

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