Pretty in Pink aesthetic

Ok, totally going to date myself here… I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m actually posting about this- so don’t tell anyone, hehe. but… I caught the movie Pretty in Pink on tv the other night. I don’t know what’s scarier- the fact that I suddenly realized this movie was from 1986, which is over 20 years ago, or the fact that the decor still felt fresh to me. I am not admitting anything, but I may or may not have been a little “Ducky” in my high school years… ok- swiftly moving on… I loved the asian graphic detail around the seafoam door behind Molly Ringwald’s character when she has to go back to Iona’s apartment-

Also, I really loved Iona’s apartment. It was the perfect eclectic mix, which I guess now could be considered “bohemian chic.”

I loved the juxtaposition of the Memphis 80’s grey checkerboard pillowcases, with the vintage 60’s thriftstore green blanket.

Also, Andie’s room had a lot of fun elements in it that I could still see being relevant today. (sigh) good times…

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