pot rings

As I mentioned in the last post, I spent part of last week catching up on a few house projects I’d been wanting to do. One of them was to do something to spruce up one of my fences in my patio. Originally, I had some creeping vines on it. However, awhile back, my HOA sent out notices that they were going to repaint all the metal fence work in our complex, so I had to cut my vines down a bit. Sadly, they never recovered, so it left a big empty spot. I had the idea to put up some pot rings. My first idea was to see if I could find something that would just hook on top, but couldn’t find anything. I was going to use some of these pot holder things from IKEA, (i have one already on my upper porch) but then I found these pot rings at Home Depot (very similar to this one) and ended up simply attaching them with small black cable ties. For a little added grip, I double-stick taped a small piece of that grippy shelf liner stuff to the support bar. All in all, super easy, and now I can have some hanging plants to help block some of the view. Plus, it’s totally removable as well.  Just clip the cable ties and you’re good to go!

Here’s a few more pics:

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