Target "Southern Influences" collection

So have you seen the latest collection at Target? It’s called “Southern Influences“. Back in January, I posted about how excited I was about the Global Bazaar starburst mirror, but then how disappointed I was when I actually saw it– Well this new Southern Influences collection has another attempt at an affordable Starburst mirror, and I’m happy to say they’ve redeemed themselves. This one is actually really nice and if I didn’t already have a starburst type sculpture, I would totally consider getting this one. Here’s a close up. Anyway- I’m not really sure why it’s called “Southern Influences”, but I did like a few things in this group. In particular… They had a total Jonathan Adler-esque ceramic horse sculpture that is cute – although I’m not too keen on the cream color- but perhaps you could repaint it? It’s not on the website, but it was $14.99. Have you seen this collection? Did you see anything you liked?

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