Shaved Ice

It’s been sooooo hot here in So Cal the past few days. What’s a guy to do? Aside from hiding in AC, a sure fire way to cool down is with the help of a tried and true tasty treat- shaved ice. When I was a kid, my family had a little manual pink plastic panda one, similar to this type, but last year, I got me an electric one from Marukai, that can use normal ice cubes. Total upgrade. And here it be:So, basically, throw in your ice, make some snow, add some fresh cut fruit (mangoes and kiwis were the fruit of choice this time) and a little (or a lot, hehe) of condensed milk (key ingredient), and voila. Sweet instant icy cool down… I’d say it’s healthy, with the snow, and fresh fruit, but the sweet condensed milk kinda kills that theory. (um.. but milk is good for you right? ;-)) anyway- this isn’t the same as the rainbow color sno-cone syrup version (that seems to only be delicious when I’m in Hawaii), but rather, I guess this would be the Taiwanese version- just as tasty, and always hits the spot.

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