Whim by Cynthia Rowley at Target

So I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new Whim by Cynthia Rowley at Target. I was looking forward to see what fun things she was going to bring to outdoor accessories. Well, it finally showed up at my local Target, and if you haven’t already seen it, here’s my take:
The first thing that caught my eye was the plaid. Plaid is something that a lot of people either hate or love. I’m not a hater. I love the fun colors and think it would be perfect for a summer shin-dig. Love the napkins and bucket/tub thing.
I’m a little on the fence regarding the whole rattan pattern print (it seems sort of… “done”… like.. by a lot of other people… um… two years ago?) but at the same time, it’s such a classic pattern that works well for patios and summer in general. The green colorway is really neon-ish, and I wasn’t really feelin’ it. However, the pink colorway with green trim looked pretty good. They also had some clear plastic tumblers with the pattern that could be fun. I could picture them holding some yummy refreshing lemonade…
They also had some clear-with-white rattan pattern placemats that I could see useful for maybe some other projects… I liked the rope pattern design on the sarong, which I thought could act as a nice table runner too. The whole beach accessory area was really fun. Then I noticed that they had these total Fred Ice Kabob knock offs– which I thought was kind of weird. I wonder why they didn’t just use the original ones, since they’re already kinda affordable… (unless maybe they struck up a deal did some sort of private label version or something… anyways- who knows…) But they’re like $3… UPDATE: Thanks to HM reader technicolorsarah for letting me know- Fred was totally ripped off. that’s sooo sad.

Finally the only thing I actually purchased was the infamous garden hose. The Pink version has been getting a ton of press, and… – it’s really hot pink. Looks super cute. My only gripe about it is that it’s actually a lot thinner/smaller than I had thought. If you have a small space that you need watering, this should be fine, but the actual width/diameter of the hose is not very large. I actually got the bright cyan blue version (naturally, hehe)- They’re mixed in with the rest of the pool toys and inflatables, etc… so don’t look for them in the garden section. I’ve been to three Targets around here (don’t ask) in the past week and noticed that they have them stocked in ratios of three to one. (three blue to one pink) so if you want a pink one- you better go grab it.

Have any of you been by to see it? Did you get anything? What as your take?

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