LA blogger meet up

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile- Based off of my little survey (which if you still haven’t commented, please do!), I know there’s a bunch of you fellow bloggers that are in the LA/OC/SoCal area- well a few LA based bloggers (my fellow ATLA editor Laure from AtHomeAtHome, Dean from My Little Apartment, and Cassandra of Coco+Kelley) are holding a Blogger-get-together at the Neutra VDL house. The Neutra VDL house is in need of restoration/preservation help– so this architectural landmark needs our help! Anyway- June 21st, 2008 everyone’s getting together, so if you’d like to meet some of the local people behind the blogs we all love to read, come on down! Just RSVP to Dean – it’s only a $10 admission fee for the house tour, and then afterwards everyone will probably go eat lunch somewhere in Silver Lake. Here’s a link to an evite for more info that Cassie did.

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