cinder block planters and pretty vases

Last weekend was the big Garden Show at South Coast Plaza, here in OC. I always enjoying going to it, (although parking is horrendous.) Anyway, there are always so many beautiful plants on display and for sale, and it’s fun to see the competition exhibits that are done by many local landscape architects and designers. This year two things really caught my eye. First, this really simple idea for using cinder blocks as planters. I know this isn’t exactly a new idea, but it just looked fun and kinda modern, and sooo easy to do. Then was this booth from this local floral designer, The Juicy Leaf. He layers sand and rocks in clear vases and puts succulents in them. The prices were kinda high but they sure were purdy. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard for a DIY version (although- I’m not sure how the roots of the plant would get past the rocks… maybe there’s a hidden container or chamber of dirt inside. Anyway, I might need to try something like this for a table centerpiece this summer…

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