May 2008

Why not?

I am in love with this image from a house tour of artist/designer J. Morgan Puett that was recently featured in the New York Times. “Ms. Puett sees the refrigerator as just as valid a territory for thoughtful arrangement as any other part of the house. “It’s a really fun game,” she said. “It makes moving through the banalities of life stimulating.” Why not put a beautiful glass con
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going nuts

New obsession. Love pistachios. Love chips. Therefore, Love these True North Pistachio crisps! Got them at Target. They were practically gone before I even got home.yum….
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TGIF: video break The Ting Tings

TGIF. dance around and bang a drum!The Ting Tings “That’s Not My Name” The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name (New)Uploaded by wonderful-life1989
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mundane aesthetic: neon

Louis Vuitton window display in NYC
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Quiksilver watches

I don’t think I know a guy who lives in So Cal who doesn’t have a piece of Quiksilver in their wardrobe. I am no exception, and well, I am ga-ga over these watches from them that was in Nylon Magazine recently. I think my favorite is the “Space Patrol” one- So Old Skool Star Trek-y Sci-Fi wrist-band communicator-ish! (hm… my birthday’s coming up… )
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Miniature White Chair Favor boxes

I don’t really know why or when I would ever use these. I suppose if you were throwing a garden party or maybe as a fun wedding favor idea, these cute miniature white chair favor boxes could come in handy… adorable aren’t they?
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