TGIF: it’s a Small World after All

Happy friday! whew- what a week- and unfortunately for me, it keeps on going. Instead of putzing around at home this weekend, (like I very much want and need to do), I’m off again to good ol’ John Wayne Airport, this time to Danville, CA. Any Danville HM-ers out there? Reprezent!! Speaking of reprezentin’- if you haven’t done so already, Please tell me where you’re at in the comments on the post a few posts down- It’s so great to see where you all are coming from, and makes things so much happier knowing that it’s a Small world after all… (By the way, I’m so excited to see so many local OC neighbors! and special hello to all of you abroad, like Australia, Philippines, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Egypt, and Canada!) Have a great weekend!

by the way- how amazing are the videos above? I want my own mini-scale model of the It’s A Small World clock!

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