Parisian Yellow Fever

So much hotness in the April 2008 British Elle Decoration. I am in love with this Parisian apartment. I don’t think I could actually live like that, because I am just not fabulous enough to pull that off- but, if I could- I am so there. I love all the white, the mix of modern and old. I especially LOVE how they painted the fireplace grey- and then took that paint and graphically extended it up and over, across the ceiling, and then all the way to the other side. Genius. And then in the dining room, the neon plexi box over the chandelier?! That’s just too much hotness right there. I also love how it looks like there’s a spray painted gradation in the hallway, but I think it’s just the photo and the lighting (but how cool would that be if it really was gradated like that?!) I have to go sit down now…

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