mundane tuesday: mraz

It’s tuesday folks, one day closer to friday. Having just come back from a trip to the lovely state of Washington, I was able to experience a little bit of “winter”- (although shouldn’t it be spring now?) As a So Cal boy, it was kind of fun to drive around in the snowy/then rainy/then chilly crisp air. I’m sure for those of you that have to live in it all the time, the novelty wears thin quickly. Needless to say, I’m glad to be home (although I have to go right back in about a week or so…) anyway- here’s a quick pick you don’t see here in So Cal very often.Snow covered tulips! It was fun to see the vibrant burst of color lightly covered in fresh fallen snow. anyway… it was sunny when I got back but now this morning its all grey and cold. So… its tuesday. and I’m wishing I was here:

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