Apartment Therapy Presents

Woo hoo! My copy of the AT book was waiting for me when I got home Friday afternoon! It’s soooo neato. Ok, not that I’m in any way biased (er… not that my place just happens to be in it, or that I happen to blog for them too, hehe) but it’s such a fun book! Ok, yeah, I’m totally plugging it, but really, I definitely recommend checking it out if you love house-tours. There’s such an array of styles, colors, and tastes in this book, and they’re all of homes from people like you and me. So much great inspiration and it’s a substantial size too! The images of my place were shot last year, so its funny to see how it has changed since then. (if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll probably notice a few things, but my place is still pretty similar to when it was shot.) I took some updated shots on Saturday, and should be having an official house-tour on AT in the coming weeks. (hopefully I won’t get blasted with too many snarky comments, hehe) Anyway- I think my favorites inside are: “hakarl and jili’s bold bright moves”, “jane and darko’s cozy thicket”, “tyke and jon’s topanga casa”, “victoria’s bomo pad” and “marilyn and peter’s home studio.” oh! and “gregory and emily’s silverlake sanctuary” and “marlon’s blue pad.” See- there’s just tooo many to choose!

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