A Very Merry Un-Birthday to Happy Mundane and to you!

Wow. I just realized that this mundane blog is already 2+ years old. I totally missed the first birthday, and I’ve already missed the 2nd one (it was in March!)- It’s crazy to think that I’ve actually been doing this blog for so long. I want to thank each and every one of you that take a few minutes each day (or whenever) to click on my little blog.  Have a very merry un-birthday (or if it is your birthday- Happy Birthday!)  

Now, in honor of Happy Mundane’s un-birthday, it’s been a year since I did this last. Each time it’s been amazing to see the number of people grow and the locations spread- So… I’m in Irvine, CA- where are you??

By the way, here’s an awesome fan-made video of Alice set to Gwen Stefani by Filmrocker

have a great weekend- and tell me where you are!

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