WYWO:season 3- the guest bedroom

So, as mentioned at the end of tuesday’s post, here is the guest bedroom of the parentals. It’s super tiny. I tried to get a good shot, but it’s so tiny, I couldn’t even do that. All sorts of random going on there. It’s like this is the room where all unwanted or unused things go to die. As you can see, the bed pretty much dominates everything. I tried to move it around, but it pretty much has to be where it is. So, unfortunately, I can’t get rid of it. My parents said they want to have a queen size bed in there for guests, and also another consideration- it has to be somewhat the same height because many of my parent’s friends are older and don’t want to crouch all the way down (ie. cool modern platform bed.) So… basically that means, I can’t touch the bed. So what to do?… Well, one thing to point out is that this room is visible if you’re sitting in the living room. So, if the door is open, you will see inside. Therefore, the color scheme should sort of transition or match what’s going on outside of it. The way the house is set up, if you pass the guest bedroom, you then enter the kitchen and family room area. My first inspiration was from this post over at AT:Chicago. The colors are so spot on with what I did for the rest of the house! But what I really loved was the dark chocolate brown wall, which I think will do well in the guest bedroom. I think it actually makes the room feel bigger. It “visually makes the wall recede.” (I just had scary flashbacks of a certain someone who “pops up” on a show from time to time.) Luckily, this room is so small, it shouldn’t take too long to give it a little facelift… stay tuned…

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