Motel 6 new prototype Phoenix

I’m posting this on Apartmenttherapy today, but wanted to mention it here too:

I love hotels. And being the happy mundane guy, I don’t always have to stay in the fancy ones. Lately I’ve been enjoying just staying in more “normal” ones. They’re cheaper, usually offer more ammenities, and as long as it’s clean and the beds are good- I’m not that picky.

Now, having just read this article on Unbeige, I’m actually quite excited about this: Motel 6 (I’m not sure I’ve ever actually stayed in one…) has just unveiled a new prototype called “Phoenix”. It looks pretty cool! It’s sort of a cross between Ace Hotel Seattle mixed with a little Standard, a little Dwell Magazine, and a little of some of the boutique hotels I’ve seen in european design mags. It’s bright and happy and I like the little retro booth-like sitting area. It will be interesting to see how the public will react to it. Read more about it here. (via Unbeige and ACCOR)

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