The latest O at Home magazine has this editorial piece on designer’s collections. I love that they featured Maira Kalman (love her) and also love the weird bird pieces of Tom Filicia. Being a packrat myself, I have a ton of collections too all throughout my place. My latest one was just installed over the weekend. I picked up one of these shelf-y thingy’s and put it amongst the paintings and art that line my stairwell. Now my Jonathan Adler pieces I got last fall have a home!Here are some other collections I have going on…

Toys in my orange case….More toys in my library downstairs…White vases on top of the shelving in the downstairs bedroom…(I have more but I don’t want to scare anyone at how much crap stuff I keep, hehe)

If you enjoy looking at collections, Poppytalk has been doing a fantastic series of collection roundups of other bloggers- check ’em out here (look on the left sidebar tab)…

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