blue munday. i’m in court.

Hello my Happy Mundane friends. it is munday. and guess what? I’m in court. Don’t worry. Nothing scandalous. Rather, I have been summoned for Jury Duty. Yipee. So… I’m in this lovely waiting room, to spend the next 8 hours waiting… luckily they have free Wifi- BUT. sadness, my laptop plug in thingy doesn’t fit the plug things that are attatched to these cubicle desk deals I’m sitting at. So, my online time is limited until my battery runs out. yay! unless i can find a normal outlet… anyway… I did bring with my the latest copy of Dwell, and I noticed there are a few other magazines floating around. This is actually my first time where I’ve had to show up, the other times, I just had to call in. There’s over 500 people here with me today.and that’s how I’m going to spend my mundane munday… Have any of you served Jury Duty lately? What did you do to pass the time?

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