Spray paint bandits strike again!

Yes indeed, the spray paint bandits have struck again. Ever since I did those branches, I’ve got weird white paint ideas on the brain (as evidenced by this, and this…) The latest attack has been something I’ve been itching to do for awhile. I posted it for my January Jumpstart that AT is having this month. Basically, ever since I saw this chair at Anthropologie, I’ve been wanting to mimic the same paint treatment to a chair (cuz sadly, $298 a chair is just… not happening). I just love the way the bottom few inches are exposed wood. For awhile I was looking everywhere for a simple bentwood chair. I mean, you see them everywhere, but when you want one- no where to be found. Ikea has one, but the way they constructed the back legs just isn’t condusive to this treatment. Plus I was having second thoughts that the style itself was bit too… county? which isn’t really my deal. So… in a fit of frustration, I just ended up buying these Ikea ROGER chairs, (although maybe i should have gotten the NORDMYRA… but oh well, too late) which are a bit more substantial and fit more with my place (or so I keep telling myself.) Anyways- this past weekend, the bandits attacked…Click here to read about what happened

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