Happy 2008! Upgrade!

Wow- it’s a new year! I don’t know about you, but 2007 seemed like it just flew by. I hope you all had a great holiday. I’m still in that post holiday limbo, which I’m trying to relish before I have to go back to the grind and start up work again. I’m very excited to see what 2008 is going to bring. I have this weird theory that it’s not until the last half of a decade that you really get to see the major contributions of that decade, and that it isn’t until you get towards the very end of it that they become clear and/or distinct. My theory is that the first half of the decade, you’re still in transition from the last one, and by mid point, you start reactions for change, and then towards the end, the visions are more refined. I dunno- just a theory, and not necessarily true, but sounds good right? hehe-

Did you make any resolutions? Decor8 posted a fun post about resolutions and a lot of people are sharing theirs in the comments. Check it out and see if anyone else is sharing your resolutions. For me, I’m hoping to just continue my slow but committed plan to “upgrade” my life. I started it last year, and 2007 was pretty successful for me. For starters, I finally got proper window coverings (that was a BIG upgrade). Other highlights in 2007: I found myself on TV as a talking pop up head! (weird and hillarious… ) I finally got to go to ICFF (fun!), got to visit Scottsdale, AZ (interesting) and I was able to complete another phase of my parental’s redo of their home.

This year, I’m hoping to upgrade my bathrooms (I have 2 1/2) and at some point, get my garage situation (and that’s the only word I can think of to describe it… a serious “situation”, hehe) taken care of and organized. I’m hoping to continue in the parental’s redo at some point this year, perhaps tackling either the guest bedroom, or their master bedroom… I also really want to travel more this year. I have a few other things I’ve been thinking and I’ll keep you all posted as they get closer to fruition. The image above is a close up detail of the artwork on my “money tree” platter from Jonathan Adler. Even though I enjoy a pretty mundane life, it symbolizes fortune and prosperity for me (it’s good to dream right?), and that’s my wish for all of you! 2008 is going to be Great! (I mean, look- it even rhymes!)

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