Global Bazaar 2008 at Target

Woo hoo! Happy 2008! Time to get back to work and keep on movin’! I’m always excited about this time because it means all the stores are clearing through the holiday stuff and making room for all the Spring items, which means lots of new eye-candy to look at! Over the weekend, I noticed that Target is already launching the latest collections for the Global Bazaar. This year they’ve added two new color stories, a yellow/black/white story and a Blue+purple. When I first saw the yellow/black/white- my initial thought was- oy- haven’t we seen that colorstory trend to death already? I mean, ever since Kelly Wearstler did the Viceroy Palm Springs, which was like… almost 5 years ago? it seemed like all the designers jumped on it- granted it’s a great classic look and can still feel fresh if done right – and that’s just what happened when I actually looked at the pieces. I found myself liking that one the most! Perhaps it’s just taken this long for it to finally translate down to the masses… but I’m feelin’ the yellow. I’m not sure if I’d do a room so paired down to only those three colors (yellow, black, white) but there are definitely some pieces in the collection I’m loving. I’m especially eyeing this Starburst mirror that’s only $89! It’s from the Bronze room collection. Crate&Barrel has had one for a while now that is $199– but Target is also offering this handy in-store coupon, so you could get the mirror for $79! Anyways- when I went to my local Target, they were just starting to put up the displays and fill the shelves. I can’t wait to go back later and see it fully stocked. The whole collection is up online though… check it out and comment here if you’re seeing anything that catches your eye!

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