Ornament Adventure Xmas2007

What is this crazy mess on my table? Good question. In my last post, I mentioned how I’ve been having this urge to change up my Christmas tree this year. I went by Target to get some inspiration, but found myself attracted to the same things or things I liked, but knew wouldn’t really get, which kind of defeated the purpose. Anyways, right near by is Michaels, so then I decided to stroll through, and then I saw some things that made it all clear- I’m going to make the ornaments. A few aisles later I had a bag full… ok, two bags full (which by the way, wasn’t as cheap as I was hoping for- but whatever…) and this is what I’m working with- minus some spray paint I already had. Hang on to your seats kids. This may get ugly… we’ll see what happens… are any of you making your ornaments this year?

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