Ornament Adventure Xmas2007: part 2

The spray paint bandits have attacked again!!

I’ve posted what I‘ve done for my tree at Christmas’s before– I’ve generally always been attracted to the pop-y, bright, fun, cheer-y, happy Christmas colors- I’ve been slowly collecting those vintage-inspired ornaments (they’re not really vintage- I got most of them on sale at Target over the past three years- so there’s not really much emotional attatchment)- Anyways- this year, I just felt the need for a big change. So over the weekend, I embarked on the Ornament Adventure of Xmas 2007. And so, as I mentioned, in the midst of it all, I was attacked by the spray paint bandits! I- uh… I mean, “they” kidnapped some of the ornaments and gave them a quick coat of white metal primer. It’s a nice semi-matte finish- they look almost porcelain! Here’s a sneak peek at how it all turned out- I’ll share the rest of the final results of my Ornament Adventure Xmas 2007 in the next few days (I just have to clean up the mess I made first!) stay tuned…

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