Christmas ornaments 2007

I’m having ornament issues. For some reason, I have this urge to change up my ornaments for my tree this year. There’s so many fun trends going on this year! Have you guys noticed them? I’ve counted several big ones that keep popping up in a bunch of stores. One is this whole “folk/scandanavian/yultide” story. Super cute. I think Martha’s line at Kmart was the cutest, but I also saw some at IKEA as well.Then there’s this whole “Enchanted Forest” thing, with lots of forest critters and wooden items, which I love. Love the pine cones and also seeing lots of mushrooms! When did mushrooms become a holiday icon? (I love it though…)
Then there’s this whole gold/brown/bronze story. This one makes total sense, especially here in Orange County, where the whole Tuscan/updated traditional vibe is so popular. It’s not my style, but I can appreciate it. It’s quite elegant actually, and still feels warm and festive. I’ve seen some beautiful examples at Target and Z Gallerie.And finally, the last big trend I’ve been seeing this year- It’s what I’m calling “technicolor home-spun christmas.”Lots super bright pop-y colors either glittery or via lots of yarn and hand knitted items… My past trees have usually gone this route. I’m always attracted to the sparkle pop, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year… Do you guys always keep the same colors, or do you change it up from time to time? Doing anything new this year? or seen any other ornament trends you’re liking?

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