Christmas blues…

I’m back from the islands, and while it was fantastic to get away, I came home with a little bit of a cold that just won’t go away. Nothing like getting sick right before the holidays to get me all bah-humbug-y and grinch-y. Hopefully I’ll get over it sooner than later.

I hope you’re all surviving the pre-holiday crazy chaos. I’ve seen my share of wild parking lot and road rage the past day and it’s scary out there! A friend sent me this humorous video from artist Simone White. Sort of an anti-jolly Christmas song, that’s a little comforting right now for a guy under the weather like me, hehe-

By the way- love the tonal blue wrapping papered boxes with the black bows! maybe that will be the color scheme for next year’s tree!… hm….ideas…Anyways- i promise I’ll be back with more happy cheer-y posts tomorrow, (since this is happy mundane…) take care everyone!

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