Sharin’ my Cairn

You know when you’re out by a lake, or sometimes by the beach or just in the “great outdoors”, you see those little piles of rocks that someone made? I’ve always found something really soothing about them. Not sure why. Apparently, it’s called a “cairn”, which “a heap of stones set up as a landmark, monument, etc…” Over at Viva Terra, they have these cool stone vases and cairns. I love the idea of using a cairn as a modern sculpture accent somewhere in your home. Now, $55 for a set of 3 cairns is a bit too much for me, and I figured they’d be easy enough to make. So, I was inspired to make a little pile of my own. (Surprisingly, it took a little while to get them to balance right- don’t put me on your team to play Jenga.) Since they’re meant to be commemorative markers, I’m going to keep it as a reminder to slow down for a sec and smell the roses… (or look at the little pile of rocks, hehe)

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