House & Garden axed

I’m kinda sad- I just read on MediaBistro that House&Garden has apparently been axed and will cease publication after the December 07 issue. (just posted it on AT:LA) I have to admit, there was a time not too long ago that I would never have picked up House & Garden. But recently, I started to notice things were changing. I think it was with the font of the masthead, and then the content started to feel fresher/and more… “hipper”? Anyways- with the recent Gweneth Paltrow cover, it was pretty clear that there was a strong shift in direction. Plus with the website being revamped and with contributions from Design*Sponge and Treehugger, it seemed like things were changing for the better. But alas, I know first hand that the magazine industry is a tough one, and it’s demise rarely is because the result of the actual magazine itself and its content. Oh well… H&G, you will be missed by this happy mundane-r. (source)(source)
UPDATE: Design*Sponge sadly confirms the news as well.

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